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General Questions


The standard course for ‚immediate lifesaving action‘ (ger.: LSM) does not exist since January 1st, 2016. Until now, all learners had to attend eight lessons of ‚LSM‘ (one lesson equals 45 minutes) - but now, even the learners attend one course of nine lessons. This new kind of course is called „First Aid Training“ and now applies to EVERYONE! All other types of courses that M-A-U-S has to offer are specifically tailored to the needs of individual groups (e.g. parents, associations). You want to regain your ‚old‘ drivers license category 3? There’s a course for that. New First Aid Course: This is a compulsory course for the truck and bus license categories C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1, D1E and the passenger transport license, as well as for students of pedagogy, sports - and medical disciplines. The course consists of 9 teaching units and is also required for coaches, trainers, camp leaders and for life guards. Would you like to regain your "old" driver license category 3? Then you have to complete the new first aid course.
It’s best to choose a date and either register for it or directly book it on the website.
You’ll have to take valid ID (i.e. identity card or passport). Unfortunately, student cards aren’t valid. If an eye exam is desired, one should take any visual aid they might be required to wear. You’ll either have to pay your course fee on location or show a paid-for online ticket. Since the courses take a few hours, it is advised to bring food and drinks for your needs. Our course locations are typically close to train stations, cafés or takeaways that you can go to during breaks. There’s quite a bit of practical exercises in the course, so it’s best to wear comfortable clothes.
If needed, a participant can take a translator or caregiver upon consultation with M-A-U-S. In order to do so, please fill out the form. >>Kontaktformular
M-A-U-S is only accessible on location on course dates. One can always call the hotline regarding all course locations: +49 721/929240
M-A-U-S is only accessible on location on course dates. One can always call the hotline regarding all course locations: +49 721/929240
All prices are listed together with course dates on course location page.
Indeed it is, although you cannot change the course date.
You can, as long as you rebook before the course starts.
To open it, you’ll need to install Adobe Reader, which is free on the internet: Download Adobe Reader
All course dates are listed together with prices on course location page.
LSM certificate is valid until October 20th, 2017. To add license categories to your license after October 2017, you’ll have to attend the new first aid training. EH certificates (new first aid course) to acquire a drivers license is valid for life. On many occasions, the latest courses will be a requirement. Please ask beforehand, how far apart a course may be. It’s required of facility emergency responders to attend a first aid training before the end of a period of 2 years, in order to extend validity by another two years.
Yes, although M-A-U-S has a processing fee of 20€ for a replacement. You can also replace certificates for eye exams, though the exam cannot be further than two years ago and will also cost 20€. For further information visit replacement certificate: Ersatzbescheinigung.
If interested, please apply through our our application form on our job page.